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I'm Denis
The Creative
and Storyteller

If you have come this far, it is because you really have an interest in knowing more about me. So, it's time to introduce myself...

I'm Denis Al Vino. My last name is Al Vino, and yes, it means "wine" in Spanish. Denis comes from ancient Greek, and it means Dionysus, the god of wine, inspiring madness and ecstasy. This connection makes me a wine lover by nature and a full-time crazy creative head.
Pleased to meet you!  

A little bit of me...

I'm from Peru, but I was reborn in Barcelona 10 years ago. In the past, I was a human rights lawyer, my young dark side when I wanted to save the world. 

Since I moved to Barcelona, I have fully developed my creative spirit. Here, I have dabbled in music, photography, and poetry. I even decided to study Advertising to gain a deeper understanding of communication and creativity in a professional perspective.

I ride a red Vespa in my beloved Barcelona. I have a passion for classic cars, especially my Audi Cabrio, and I'm a crazy vinyl collector. I'm a full-time art lover, addicted to live music and retro soul in every sense.
I live by the sea in Barcelona beach. I'm the proud daddy of Gabriel, my little son, and Pericles & Ella my crazy Jack Russells. 

What can I do?

I have a deep passion for writing, using words as the very air of the universe to weave infinite stories, pulsating to the rhythm of the melody of my life.
Through a blend of academic pursuits and professional experiences, I have actively contributed to projects spanning  Advertising, Photography, Cinema, and, most notably,  Creativity & 
Copywriting These endeavors have provided me with invaluable insights on how to channel my writing and ideas, creating something truly extraordinary in the projects I have been involved with.
As a professional, writing is not just my vocation; it is an inherent part of my being.
I like to break the rules within this beautiful industry, constantly seeking to push the boundaries and explore uncharted territories.
Immersing myself in the vast realms of creativity is my true calling. I firmly believe that acquiring a broad range of knowledge across various disciplines is crucial for achieving impeccable communication in all facets of life.

My inspiration

I'm passionate about words and the magical power they transmit over the universe and humanity. 
For me,
writing is connecting with all the senses.
It is to trigger ideas and feelings capable of emotion.
I think there are words that are worth more than a thousand images.


What is writing for me?

Write video scripts inspired by Gaspar Noé,
Write love letters inspired by Julio Cortázar,
Writing impromptu essays inspired by Edgar Allan Poe,
Writing poetry too much poetry from Neruda to Pizarnik, Writing melancholic songs with the scent of Pink Floyd, Writing aphorisms to the beat of Hemingway,
Writing bittersweet verses flavored with Jim Morrison, Write elaborate shopping lists like my mother did,
Write legal texts like Al Pacino in devil's advocate,
Write manifestos with a touch of Nietzsche,
Write strong tittles inspired by Leo Burnett,
Write deep claims inspired by William Bernbach.


Write, write, write
and never stop writing...

"It does not depend on what to write but on how to write it and writing is my destiny".

You can call me Denis, copywriter or man of words.

I write, therefore I am.

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If you want a summary
of me, here is my CV.

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