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How important is the argument to get the perfect creative concept?

When you are a creative in Advertising, one of the steps that is more complicated than necessary is definitely the creative presentation. Undoubtedly, the argument is a fundamental piece when it comes to encompassing the creative concept, drawing the maximum essence from its interior to see it reflected in all the communication and within an advertising campaign.

An argument in Advertising is more than just an argument in everyday life. We refer to the great ability to describe the reasoning, step by step, taking the value proposition as a starting point and then building an argumentation that concludes in the creative concept of the project. Human psychology needs good arguments to believe in the messages that they consume with a product or service.

To reach this goal, the important thing is to know how to explain the argument considering each logical connection between what we say, thus avoiding sudden jumps and without losing coherence at any time.

The perfect argument exists and is made up of simple words. Leave everything complicated out, remember that communication is simple and direct, especially when you emphasize the values of the brand and the target audience to reach the elixir of argument.

There are five characteristic types of arguments in Advertising, those of support, comparative, refuting, rhetorical, innocuous and framing. The effective use of these strategies depends on the recipient's state of mind, the position of the brand in the market, the type of information available, and the advertising context.

In addition, the argument involves the central route of persuasion. It persuades a viewer of a message by appealing to reason and relying on evidence. Argument proceeds on the assumption that there is objective evidence.

Being simple does not mean letting go deep in creating the creative message. Do not forget that being synthetic and elegant when communicating your argument is the key to success. On the contrary, if an argument cannot be explained clearly, it is perhaps because it has not been very well constructed during the creative process.

For that reason, the argument is the most important foundation for the creative concept to be the powerful engine of your advertising campaign.

In all professional sectors it is said that only trust builds more trust, and good arguments are the perfect tool to earn everyone's trust. A trust that is reflected everyday in your creative team, bosses, clients and consumers.

Are you ready to build your best arguments?

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